What’s the most way to succeed on LinkedIn ads?

Testing your ads! No matter what format you use for your ads. Be it an image, video, or carousel. It is important to measure its success through the important metrics for your business. Run A/B tests and see which content resonates best with your target [...]

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Can I target my ads to companies on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can. This is one of the strengths of LinkedIn, in its B2B presence. You can generate a list of companies that you want to target (minimum 500) and upload the list to your LinkedIn ads account. Then set the campaign to target such [...]

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What’s the ideal budget for a LinkedIn ad campaign?

There is no single answer for how much you should invest in LinkedIn ads. It mainly depends on your market, your average cost per acquisition, and the stage of your business. However, LinkedIn does impose a minimum of $10 per ad format. If you are [...]

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What is the difference between Facebook and Google Ads?

Both Facebook and Google Ads are the biggest players on the internet. The main difference between the 2 is that Google primarily falls under paid search and Facebook is paid social. Use Facebook Ads if your business prioritizes reaching a specific demographic audience or you [...]

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How does Facebook Ads work for my business?

Facebook Ads work primarily by targeting your ads to people based on their location, demographics, and interests. The key strength is that your business can reach these people by the masses. This can help drive mass public awareness, consideration, and even conversions (like purchases and [...]

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How much should I spend on Facebook Ads?

There is no one size fit all solution when it comes to how much you should spend. This depends on your business cost per acquisition, or how much on average it takes to acquire a customer or lead. Your market and the stage of your [...]

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Are Google Shopping Ads worth it?

The short answer is yes. Shopping offers a whole new channel for retailers to sell products and is a huge opportunity for eCommerce growth. As shopping behavior continues to shift to the internet, and online retail becomes the new normal – and utilizing Google Shopping [...]

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