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1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data in Advertising

What is data in advertising? When we discuss about data in advertising, we are primarily talking about user data. We are trying to collect more information about the user, which helps us predict whether our ads will be relevant to them. Data and advertising [...]

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Is the Internet Really Free?

Free or not free? Is the internet free? Most people may think so. They say that they can read any article, page, and video online and don't get charged for it. But, whether you watch 10 videos or 100 videos on YouTube, does it [...]

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Thoughts on Advertising IV

A continuation of the thoughts on advertising mini series. Previous part here. Antaeus was a giant in greek mythology, also the son to Poseidon. He would travel across the country and challenge anyone to wrestle - and he always win. He would pin his [...]

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What You Should Know About Marketing?

Do you need marketing? "The spider looks for a merchant who doesn't advertise so he can spin a web across his door and lead a life of undisturbed peace!" - Mark Twain Can a business run without marketing activities? What are the marketing activities? [...]

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Thoughts on Advertising II

This is similar to the previous notes that I created, it is an accumulation of my own notes regarding advertising; part 2. In no particular order. • • • Advertising is persuasion, not force. Good things don't have to be forced down on the [...]

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The Truth About Modern Advertising

The A/B Method During the early 1900s, the world witnessed one of the greatest admen to ever live. He became the father of copywriting, namely Claude C. Hopkins. Claude believed that advertising existed only to sell something and should be measured and justified by [...]

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