The Key To High Conversion Rates

How do you know if you currently have the best possible ad and landing page? You don’t. So you have to test. We put up multiple variants of the same ad and give them equal exposure, overtime we find out which ad performs better.

The more we test, the better our ads get, and the better our account performs! Keep the winning ad and change up the losing ad, that’s how great campaigns are created over time.

Also, by A/B testing your landing pages, you will improve your conversion rate, which in turn increases your ROI and profitability from your PPC campaigns.

Testing is Behind Every Successful Ad

In advertising, there is a saying that we should “let the thousands decide what the millions will do.” This is the essence of testing ads. That’s how they had done it over a century ago, albeit without technology we have today. From loose coupons in newspapers to mail order to television ads. There is a reason why it is still being done today.

If you are not running tests on your ad copy and landing pages, you are potentially leaving out a lot of potential of growth. Over the course of your advertising on Google, we will implement A/B or multivariate tests on your ads. We begin by testing things like headlines, images, descriptions. For banner ads, its the colors, layout and call-to-action, etc.

Whether you are running an e-commerce shop selling products directly online, or you are collecting leads through phone calls and form submissions, A/B and multivariate testing is an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Research shows that more than 80% of marketers say that they are not focusing on testing their landing pages. Hence, these businesses are leaving money on the table, for the opportunist to win it all.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Imagine you spend $5000 on Google Ads this month. And with it, you get 2000 clicks and a healthy 5% conversion rate. That will be 100 conversions out of 2000 clicks.

Let’s say that each conversion is worth $90 to you. So you have $9000 in conversion value at the end of the month. If you test your landing pages you might find that another variant of your existing page converts better, let’s say at 9%.

Now let us take a look at the new results of your account.

The same 2000 clicks now bring you 180 conversions instead of 100. With each conversion value staying the same, you now get $16,200 in conversion value instead of the original $9000 if you hadn’t tested! That is a 55.5% increase in revenue! A higher conversion rate, even by a few percent, can dramatically improve the results of your business at the end of the month. We hope you can see that conversion rate directly affects your business revenue and profits.

FAQ By PPC Specialist

  • Does ad testing improve my ad results?

    Ad testing directly impacts your ad’s performance. Knowing which ad resonates best with your customers and which doesn’t, allows you to become a smarter advertiser. It also allows you to make more dollars back per dollar spent. Over time, your ads become more effective and profitable. You also start to experience higher growth for your business.

  • What is the difference between A/B and multivariate in ad testing?

    A/B testing is the practice of testing a single variable of an ad and keeping the rest constant. For example, we can test ad A against ad B, the only difference being the headlines. In this example, the sole purpose is to find out which headline brings in better results for the business.

    Multivariate testing is an optimization strategy that allows testing multiple variants of ad elements to determine the most effective combination for a single ad. Rather than just changing one ad element, like the headline, you can change a group of different elements to see which combinations perform better with your target users. Sometimes there are just too many elements of an ad to be tested, so multivariate testing can cut short the time needed to find a winner.

  • Is ad testing a new concept?

    Ad testing has been popularized during the early 20th century. Before internet advertising, as we know it now, ad men have found out that testing their client’s ads on mail order, newspaper, magazines, radio and TV mediums, generally brought better results. Testing different ads is the only way to be successful in the long run. How do we know which ad should we put our client’s advertising dollars behind, other than testing it against one another? We may test a “price vs. features vs. benefits” three-way ad and let our customers decide which one they resonate with most. We then drop the unprofitable concepts and continue to improve on the top-performing ones.

    Ad testing has been a thing since the 1900s, clients can use the results of ad testing to bolster up their offers to customers to achieve spectacular results.

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