What we do

We bring you the best in class campaign management across multiple channels. Seamlessly executing your entire digital marketing strategy with incredible skill and expertise. We will be the extension of your company.

Paid Search

Get the best paid search strategy, consultative management to elevate your brand to the next level.

Paid Social

Build a real connection with your audience through high performing ad creatives and targeting.

Ad Intelligence

Better measure, analyze, and report on data to inform your digital marketing strategy across every channel.

We aim to promote creative and responsible advertising

Samurai PPC is an agency specialized in paid search and social channels such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads. These channels are usually run on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, hence our name.

We aim to strengthen our clients’ ads performance with smarter audience and keyword targeting, advanced iterative testing, plus partnerships and powerful software tools. We are focused on connecting you to your customers wherever their attention lives.

We love advertising. Hence we concentrate intensely on bringing the best out of every client’s business. In whole, we want to build our organization like an iceberg, with weight and not hype.

Our Platforms

We work with the largest ad platforms to reach your customers effectively and to create a holistic digital marketing strategy for your business.

Certified Google Partners

We are awarded by Google as an official Google Partner. It is awarded to agencies that showed high competency and expertise in driving clients’ success with Google Ads. We are proud to be working closely with Google and be updated whenever there are new releases and updates in their products. We will be the first to take advantage of them for our client’s growth.

The extensive library of resources Google has given us access to helps keep us up to date and proficient at any new changes on the horizon. As digital advertising is a fast-moving industry, it is better to have your ads managed by a professional agency to ensure the maximum success of your marketing budget.

Leverage the best tools in the market for your success

Do you know that half of paid ads success is accomplished outside of the platform? We make use of the best tools in the market to achieve your advertising success. Merely managing your ad account is insufficient. That’s why we combine a suite of the best marketing tools with our industrial expertise to help you identify, understand and acquire customers effectively on these big platforms.