Billions of Hours of Watch Time

With more than 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube, billions of views and hours watched daily, running video ads on YouTube is a perfect solution for most businesses.

70% of YouTube users are watching on their mobile, making it a very valuable opportunity to be able to connect with customers when their engagement level is high. YouTube and Video Partners provide fast results as instantly as you launch your campaign, and your business will be quickly seen by the most relevant users online.

Targeted down to your specific audience

Despite the wide-reaching abilities and huge inventory, YouTube Ads can be very targeted to your audience. You get the tools to be extremely detailed to reach the exact audience that you want.

We are able to target by users by Demographics, Affinity Audiences, Custom Audiences, Video Remarketing, In-Market Audiences, and Life Events. On top of that, you can narrow it down with contextual signals by placing your ads on specific YouTube channels, video topics and keywords.

All this layering allows you to reach only the most relevant users online, who are most likely interested enough to consider your products.

Highly Cost-Effective

With this many benefits comes the question: do I need a really big budget and will it overspend easily? The answer is absolutely not.

Video ads are cost effective in a way that you don’t pay if they skip! You are only charged when they either watched 30 seconds of your video, the entire video, or have interacted with your ad.

YouTube is one of the best options for creating a cost-effective advertising campaign: Average CPV: $0.026. Average view rate: 31.9%. Average view CTR: 0.514%.

High Level Audience Engagement

One thing about video ads is its high level of audience engagement. Users naturally feel more connected to a business running a video ad than any other ads. It captures greater attention and recallability.

They get to connect with the you personally, better understand your company, and see how your product or service works. We use the wide variety of available video formats to send a powerful message to your customers.

FAQ By PPC Specialist

  • How do I get started with YouTube video ads?

    First, make sure you create a YouTube channel and have the promotional videos ready. YouTube ads are basically the same as the videos you watch on YouTube — they all live on YouTube. Upload them into your YouTube channel and keep them unlisted. Next, create a Google Ads account and finally, click create a video campaign and proceed from there.

  • How do I pay for YouTube video ads?

    YouTube video ads work on a Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Mille (CPM) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis. This depends on the goals you have for your campaigns, whether you want to drive sales and leads, consideration, or reach.

  • What are the type of video ads available?

    YouTube ads gives the user flexibility to choose from the wide variety of ad formats available. The 5 main ones are Skippable in-stream. These are the videos that can be any length you want, appears within a video and skippable after 5 seconds.

    Non-skippable in-stream. These videos appear within a video and a maximum of 15 seconds long. They are unskippable, so users have to sit through the entire duration.

    Bumper. These are short videos, 6 seconds long and unskippable.

    In-feed video. These videos appear on Youtube search results, home and watch next section. They do not appear in-stream. Users will click if interested to watch.

    Outstream. These videos appear outside YouTube, known as video partners. They help you reach audiences outside of YouTube.

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