95.74% of Singapore’s Traffic

As the latest research by Similarweb, an ad intelligence company, ranks Google in Singapore as 95.74% of all search traffic. This means that most Singaporeans are really into Google!

The #1 place for businesses to be

Search engine advertising has a different kind of caveat than the other types of online advertising. Search explicitly shows user intent. The goal of your search ads is to be at the right place, to the right user, at the right time. And the nature of the platform accomplishes just that. The user searching for something on Google is in the right frame of mind. He is willing to click on your links as long as you can help him.

This is why Google Ads is so popular for many businesses in Singapore.

Meet customers at the right time

A user searching for “coffee machine” or “Audi a3 hatchback reviews” is doing it out of intent. And the coffee company having a promotion for their new series lineup of coffee machines wants to bid for the keyword “coffee machine.” So, likewise, for the car company Audi to show up when users are looking for Audi-related things. If you like to learn more about keywords on Google, check out our free e-book here.

Google is the place to be because most people rely on it every day. It provides brilliant search results quickly in real-time. Its average search results only take 0.3-0.5s to load. As a result, it provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to meet their customers who are looking for them.

Of course, the reality can be much more complicated, especially when it pertains to whether my ad will be ranked in the first position or not. Google uses something that is common in all ad networks and exchanges, called real-time bidding (RTB). Where a host of varieties of signals are being calculated in milliseconds as the user hits enter. Things like user information (collected through cookies or logged-in data), advertisers’ bids, audiences, geography, search type, exclusions, and quality score determine your ad rank, subsequently deciding your position on page 1.

I have written on this extensively in my other posts, check out the Google Ad Rank calculation blog post.

Google search is indispensable

Being the dominant place for searching, Google is indispensable in most of our lives. On every search, Google’s servers filter through hundreds of millions of search results links to present us the best 10 on page 1. Because of this, most of us have learned to trust Google for accurate and near-instant information. Having placed your business on page 1 for a popular keyword is like buying a prime estate. Ad positions on page 1 also have a positive correlation to click-through rates. The first ad position typically gets most of the clicks, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, etc.