Consumers now expect a more visual experience when they browse products and services online. In fact, 86% of consumers Google has surveyed in countries around the world say they expect photos to be a feature businesses offer them when shopping online. Now, let’s take a look at how image extensions help capitalize on this opportunity.

Image extensions

What are image extensions inside Google Ads? What does it do?

Image extensions allow advertisers to upload rich, relevant visuals to complement their existing text ads. With visuals to help enhance your text ads, it can help drive up your search performance. Before this, search results on Google has always been traditionally text-only, with the exception of shopping ads. But now, this is no longer the case. Adding image extensions makes your text ad more compelling to be clicked on.

There are 2 types of images you can upload. 1:1 square and 1.9:1 rectangle, but recommended. We recommend you to add both sizes to give Google is the most options to choose from. File formats can be PNG, JPG, or Static Gif. In short, you cannot use any animation or videos here.

Google recommends adding around 3 unique and relevant images at either the Ad Group level or Campaign level. Using unique images allows Google machine learning to choose the one that works best in different situations.

search ad with image extension

Dynamic image extensions

Now that we have covered image extensions, let’s look at dynamic image extensions inside Google Ads. Dynamic image extensions are automated extensions created by Google if you do not have any image extensions added on the campaign or ad group level. They take these images directly from your landing page or the final URL of your ad. So ensuring that your landing page uses relevant and suitable images allows Google to use these in conjunction with your ads.

Also, using relevant images on your landing page is beneficial, with or without dynamic image extensions. Once done, you can see results within your Google Ads UI. See the impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CVR of your image assets. If you find anything not performing as good, you can always change to a different image. Keep testing!

On the other hand, if you find a particular image that gets excellent performance, you can be sure that it probably resonates with your customers. With this information, you can add another similar image but slightly different in form or color than the first and watch for its performance.
Perpetual testing is how you eventually end up with high-performing image ads for your campaigns.

dynamic image extension table

Why you need to leverage both

Image extensions that you provide will always take priority over dynamic image extensions. However, we recommend you to leverage both. In the event that you have forgotten to add manual images to your ads or that they have been disapproved or cannot serve for any reason, dynamic image extensions are here for backup. Ensure that your landing page has relevant images that are following Google image guidelines.

Giving Google the option to use image extensions in every auction is exceptionally beneficial to your campaign’s long-term performance. Data has shown that ads with images tend to get a higher CTR than text without images.

Leverage with RSAs

Since image extensions currently are only applicable to search ads, the best way to maximize success is to leverage it with Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) alongside smart bidding. Provide as many relevant images as you think applicable. Make sure the images are not repetitive and are unique. In this way, Google’s machine learning can test different images with your text ads and find out which works best with your customers.

Final thoughts

Currently, image ads are not much seen on desktop searches. We guess that they are probably prioritized on mobile or smaller screens. Anyway, it is worth trying it out. It’s free and provides increased visibility on your ads on page 1. Early results from Google have shown that, on average, advertisers see a 10% increase in click-through rate when image extensions show with their mobile search ads. In the sea of text ads, showing a relevant image beside your ad will help it stand out from your market.

Let us know in the contact us page if you need help setting up image extensions your ad campaigns!