Are there any requirements to run remarketing ads?

All you need is essentially a remarketing pixel code installed on all pages on your website. So that when users visit your site, they are captured into a “list” and then Google can target these users with ads after they left your website. We will [...]

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How will remarketing increase my conversions?

Remarketing ads almost always perform better because you are showing ads to users who have interacted with you before! Think of it this way. Is it easier to sell to a warm audience or a totally cold one? Most users do not take action on [...]

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What type of audiences can I serve remarketing ads to?

This is a very good question. When you install the Google Remarketing Tag onto your website, you will be able to store customer visits and collect them as 1st party data. You can then remarket ads to those people. But those customer visits only count [...]

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Is there any costs to own landing pages?

Landing pages are standalone pages with the sole purpose of driving conversions. Most businesses will prefer it over sending traffic to their website. However, most landing pages are not free and require an upkeep cost to keep them running. If the client finds that sending [...]

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Is landing page design necessary?

Most businesses send PPC traffic to inadequate and poorly designed websites. As such, we will advise the client to make changes to their site in order to boost their conversion rates. The most common issues are: non-mobile-optimized website, no call-to-action (CTA) on the page, too [...]

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How am I charged for Display Ads?

Display Ads on Google are charged by per click basis. Meaning that you only pay when a customer clicks on it and lands on your website. If your Display ad gets shown 1000 times but only clicked 10 times, then you only get charged for [...]

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What type of display ads are available?

Display Ads are comes in many different forms and sizes. Most of the display ads we use will be responsive by default. Meaning that Google can resize it and serve seamlessly within any piece of content, regardless of user screen size. There are also rich [...]

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