How Does Click Fraud Software Work?

Click fraud protection software works by tracking each and every click on your search network, display and shopping campaigns. Taking into account IP and IP range, unique device, VPN, your unique settings, and more. Each click receives a score on dozens of parameters and [...]

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How Does Click Fraud Software Help Save Me Money?

Our click fraud protection software helps ensure that you aren’t wasting your budget on clicks from people and bots that want to harm your business. With less money wasted on harmful clicks, it can be spent on advertising to real users who are actually [...]

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Does Ad Testing Directly Improve My Bottom Line?

Ad testing directly impacts your bottom line, sales curve, revenue, or however you like to name it. Knowing which ad resonates best with your customers and which doesn't, allows you to become a smarter advertiser. It also allows you to make more dollars back [...]

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Is Ad Testing A New Concept?

Ad testing has been popularized during the early 20th century. Before internet advertising, as we know it now, ad men have found out that testing their client's ads on mail order, newspaper, magazines, radio and TV mediums, generally brought better results. Testing ads is [...]

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What Type Of Audiences Can I Serve Remarketing Ads To?

This is a very good question. When you install the Google Remarketing Tag onto your website, you will be able to store customer visits and collect them as 1st party data. You can then remarket ads to those people. But those customer visits only [...]

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How Will Remarketing Increase My Conversions?

Remarketing ads almost always perform better because you are showing ads to users who seen you before! Think of it this way. Is it easier to sell to a warm audience or a totally cold one? Most users do not take action on the [...]

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Are there any requirements to run Remarketing Ads?

All you need is essentially a remarketing pixel code installed on all pages on your website. So that when users visit your site, they are captured into a "list" and then Google can target these users with ads after they left your website. We [...]

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Is Landing Page Design Necessary?

Most businesses send PPC traffic to inadequate and poorly designed websites. As such, we will advise the client to make changes to their site in order to boost their conversion rates. The most common issues are: non-mobile-optimized website, no call-to-action (CTA) on the page, [...]

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