What Are The Benefits Of Using A ROI Calculator?

Using an ROI calculator like the one we have built will help you estimate what to expect from your marketing expenditure. The last thing a client needs is a shock over something unforeseen. This ROI Calculator helps prevent that. It also ensures that you [...]

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How Can I Lower My CPC?

The actual cost per click is made up of many different components. Your keyword quality score, the competitiveness of your market, any ad rank thresholds to clear, and of course, your Max CPC. The ones directly within your control are your ads' relevancy and [...]

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How Much Should I Spend On Ads?

There is never a "correct" amount that you should spend on marketing. However, due to the nature of the platform, you should at least spend a minimum of $1,000/month on Google or Facebook Ads. The next thing is the industry you are in. Certain [...]

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My Average Order Value Is Too Different

If you are selling products and services that have a wide price range, you may have issues trying to calculate your average order value. In this case, you may do 2 things. First, you can group them up into a few price categories and [...]

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I Can’t Figure Out My Average Cost Per Click

How do you figure out your average CPC? You can do it in 2 ways. First, if you are already running Google Ads, head to your campaign and look back to at least 3 months of campaign data. You will see the average CPC [...]

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Is The ROI Figures Accurate?

We suggest you do not take the ROI results literally. The purpose of it is to provide you with a benchmark of what to expect when your ads go live. Nobody can predict the live auction and thousands of variables that happen in your [...]

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What is Microsoft Ads And is it Important?

Microsoft Ads is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Right after Google. It mainly reaches users searching on Bing , Yahoo and MSN. It is generally comprised of older and higher-income audiences. It is a suitable network for advertisers with similar target [...]

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I Have A Small Budget, Should I Be Using Microsoft Ads?

Even though there are no budget requirements to run Microsoft Ads, if an advertiser has only a small budget to spend on advertising. We will suggest you spend on Google first. Microsoft ads are generally better once you have found success on Google and [...]

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Should I Use Microsoft Ads For My Business?

We recommend to clients who are currently running Google Ads campaigns to extend their reach to Microsoft Ads. This will help them get a fully comprehensive search coverage on the internet. Even though Google dominates the search engine share, adding Microsoft to your strategy [...]

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