What can I expect to get?

At Samurai PPC, we are the ultimate specialist in pay-per-click and paid media advertising. First, you will get a world-class advertising account, the one that fortune-500 uses and relies upon. We will set up everything for you. From a proper campaign structure, ad groupings, [...]

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Can I do search advertising myself?

Sure you can. But as a business owner, there are many things you find more important, like the daily operations of your business over managing your own advertising! Because SEM takes a lot of time and effort to learn, it is better to work [...]

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Can I guarantee results for my business?

Search advertising is known for being quick in delivering results compared to SEO (search engine optimization). Results can be as fast as 1 day upon going live. It depends on how well built and optimized is your advertising account. We guarantee you will get [...]

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How can my business benefit from search advertising?

By showing your business on the biggest search platform in the world, you gain access to thousands (and millions) of users who may be looking for you. You also enjoy increased brand awareness and exposure. Imagine more sales, conversions, form sign-ups, phone calls coming [...]

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How do I begin search advertising?

Simple. Contact us and we will schedule a discussion with you. After understanding your business, we will then lay out a comprehensive strategy for your business. The beginning will be the toughest part because that is where your Google Ads account will be created [...]

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