What is Microsoft Ads And is it Important?

Microsoft Ads is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Right after Google. It mainly reaches users searching on Bing , Yahoo and MSN. It is generally comprised of older and higher-income audiences. It is a suitable network for advertisers with similar target [...]

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I Have A Small Budget, Should I Be Using Microsoft Ads?

Even though there are no budget requirements to run Microsoft Ads, if an advertiser has only a small budget to spend on advertising. We will suggest you spend on Google first. Microsoft ads are generally better once you have found success on Google and [...]

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Should I Use Microsoft Ads For My Business?

We recommend to clients who are currently running Google Ads campaigns to extend their reach to Microsoft Ads. This will help them get a fully comprehensive search coverage on the internet. Even though Google dominates the search engine share, adding Microsoft to your strategy [...]

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