What Are The Benefits Of Using A ROI Calculator?2021-07-14T10:35:59+08:00

Using an ROI calculator like the one we have built will help you estimate what to expect from your marketing expenditure. The last thing a client needs is a shock over something unforeseen. This ROI Calculator helps prevent that.

It also ensures that you do not miscalculate a metric as important as ROI. With so many numbers involved, it is easy to miscalculate, and if you do, you will end up with a misjudged ROI and a misled ad campaign. When you use an ROI calculator, we do the calculation for you before you spend any dollar on ads.

How Can I Lower My CPC?2021-07-14T10:32:41+08:00

The actual cost per click is made up of many different components. Your keyword quality score, the competitiveness of your market, any ad rank thresholds to clear, and of course, your Max CPC. The ones directly within your control are your ads’ relevancy and quality, your landing page experience, and your bids.

Having your ads managed by a competent professional or ad agency is another way of getting lower CPCs over time.

How Much Should I Spend On Ads?2022-05-19T22:22:43+08:00

There is never a “correct” amount that you should spend on marketing. However, due to the nature of the platform, you should at least spend a minimum of $1,000/month on Google or Facebook Ads.

The next thing is the industry you are in. Certain industries cost more per traffic than other industries. Usually, it is because their average customer is more valuable. Consult a PPC professional to get an estimate on how much you should spend on your marketing. Don’t spend what you are not comfortable with!

My Average Order Value Is Too Different2022-05-19T22:18:36+08:00

If you are selling products and services that have a wide price range, you may have issues trying to calculate your average order value. In this case, you may do 2 things. First, you can group them up into a few price categories and then do the calculation above. Assuming you are going to send them into separate campaigns, you should see the ROI for each campaign instead.

The second method is to just do a rough calculation of the average order value. The point of the ROI calculator is to give users an estimation of what they should expect to see from the results of their marketing efforts.

I Can’t Figure Out My Average Cost Per Click2021-07-09T17:35:26+08:00

How do you figure out your average CPC? You can do it in 2 ways.

First, if you are already running Google Ads, head to your campaign and look back to at least 3 months of campaign data. You will see the average CPC that you have been paying to Google.

The second option is if you do not have an ad account. Create one with Google Ads. Once done, go inside the dashboard and click “Tools” then “Keyword Planner”. Type in the main keywords that you want to show up for. You will see a table of the keywords and their average CPCs to rank on top of Page 1. Use them as a starting point.

Is The ROI Figures Accurate?2021-07-14T10:21:38+08:00

We suggest you do not take the ROI results literally. The purpose of it is to provide you with a benchmark of what to expect when your ads go live. Nobody can predict the live auction and thousands of variables that happen in your market and PPC. Our calculator gives an intelligent estimation of what to expect based off your input.

What is Microsoft Ads And is it Important?2021-10-08T16:19:00+08:00

Microsoft Ads is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Right after Google. It mainly reaches users searching on Bing , Yahoo and MSN. It is generally comprised of older and higher-income audiences. It is a suitable network for advertisers with similar target demographics. Microsoft Ads are important for advertisers who want to bridge the gap and target users whom Google may not reach.

I Have A Small Budget, Should I Be Using Microsoft Ads?2021-10-08T16:20:36+08:00

Even though there are no budget requirements to run Microsoft Ads, if an advertiser has only a small budget to spend on advertising. We will suggest you spend on Google first. Microsoft ads are generally better once you have found success on Google and wish to extend your advertising reach. This is because the setup is relatively easier with the direct import option from Google Ads.

Should I Use Microsoft Ads For My Business?2021-10-08T16:21:23+08:00

We recommend to clients who are currently running Google Ads campaigns to extend their reach to Microsoft Ads. This will help them get a fully comprehensive search coverage on the internet. Even though Google dominates the search engine share, adding Microsoft to your strategy will help your business close the final gap.

Does Click Fraud Protection Works All Day?2021-04-14T19:11:03+08:00

Our click fraud protection software gives you all-around coverage for your business 24/7. Every time your ad gets served, the click will be checked against fraudulent activities.

How Does Click Fraud Software Work?2021-04-14T19:11:03+08:00

Click fraud protection software works by tracking each and every click on your search network, display and shopping campaigns. Taking into account IP and IP range, unique device, VPN, your unique settings, and more. Each click receives a score on dozens of parameters and then the click fraud algorithm goes to work. At the end, each click will be given an innocent or fraudulent label. The fraudulent IPs are automatically inputted into your Google Ads IP exclusion list. Now your competitor/bot will not see your ad.

How Does Click Fraud Software Help Save Me Money?2021-04-14T21:57:49+08:00

Our click fraud protection software helps ensure that you aren’t wasting your budget on clicks from people and bots that want to harm your business. With less money wasted on harmful clicks, it can be spent on advertising to real users who are actually interested in your business.

Does Ad Testing Directly Improve My Bottom Line?2021-04-14T18:52:03+08:00

Ad testing directly impacts your bottom line, sales curve, revenue, or however you like to name it. Knowing which ad resonates best with your customers and which doesn’t, allows you to become a smarter advertiser. It also allows you to make more dollars back per dollar spent. Over time, your ads become more effective and profitable. You also start to experience higher growth for your business.

What is The Difference Between A/B and Multivariate in Ad Testing?2021-04-14T21:52:52+08:00

A/B testing is the practice of testing a single variable of an ad and keeping the rest constant. For example, we can test ad A against ad B, the only difference being the headlines.  In this example, the sole purpose is to find out which headline brings in better results for the business.

Multivariate testing is an optimization strategy that allows testing multiple variants of ad elements to determine the most effective combination for a single ad. Rather than just changing one ad element, like the headline, you can change a group of different elements to see which combinations perform better with your target users. Sometimes there are just too many elements of an ad to be tested, so multivariate testing can cut short the time needed to find a winner.

Is Ad Testing A New Concept?2021-04-14T21:55:23+08:00

Ad testing has been popularized during the early 20th century. Before internet advertising, as we know it now, ad men have found out that testing their client’s ads on mail order, newspaper, magazines, radio and TV mediums, generally brought better results. Testing ads is the only way to be successful in the long run. How do we know which ad should we put our client’s advertising dollars behind, other than testing it against one another? We may test a “price vs. features vs. benefits” three-way ad and let our customers decide which one they resonate with most. We then drop the unprofitable concepts and continue to improve on the top-performing ones.

Ad testing has been a thing since the 1900s, clients can use the results of ad testing to bolster up their offers to customers to achieve spectacular results.

What Type Of Audiences Can I Serve Remarketing Ads To?2021-04-14T21:49:33+08:00

This is a very good question. When you install the Google Remarketing Tag onto your website, you will be able to store customer visits and collect them as 1st party data. You can then remarket ads to those people. But those customer visits only count if they clicked through an ad. They are not a holistic view of all the potential traffic on your website now. You may also be getting traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Direct Search, Organic Search, etc. By adding Google Analytics audiences to your Google Ads account, you will also get to serve remarketing ads to all past visitors on your website, whether they clicked through an ad or not.

Do I Need To Top Up Additional Budget If I Were To Run Remarketing Ads?2021-04-14T18:10:41+08:00

The good news is that you do not have to. Since budgets are set at the campaign level, most campaigns are already a hybrid of prospecting & remarketing users. Unless you have a clear strategy in place to only show a particular ad to past visitors, for example, to give a discount code or special offer that you only want past visitors to see, then breaking them out into another campaign will be the better solution. In this case, you should set a separate budget for your remarketing ads.

How Will Remarketing Increase My Conversions?2021-04-14T18:10:42+08:00

Remarketing ads almost always perform better because you are showing ads to users who seen you before! Think of it this way. Is it easier to sell to a warm audience or a totally cold one? Most users do not take action on the first visit to your website, they may do it after 3 or 4 visits. It is important to have remarketing tag installed properly on your website so that you can continue targeting these users after they left your website to bring them back to buy.

Are there any requirements to run Remarketing Ads?2021-04-14T18:10:42+08:00

All you need is essentially a remarketing pixel code installed on all pages on your website. So that when users visit your site, they are captured into a “list” and then Google can target these users with ads after they left your website. We will help you install and test the remarketing tag during the account set-up.

Is Landing Page Design Necessary?2021-04-14T17:44:26+08:00

Most businesses send PPC traffic to inadequate and poorly designed websites. As such, we will advise the client to make changes to their site in order to boost their conversion rates. The most common issues are: non-mobile-optimized website, no call-to-action (CTA) on the page, too many distracting features on the page, badly structured websites. Fixing up all these problems before running ads will certainly help increase conversions. Customers cannot take action if your website makes it hard for them.

The client can either do a makeover of their existing website or create dedicated landing pages to serve ads to.

Is There Any Costs To Own Landing Pages?2021-04-14T21:42:55+08:00

Landing pages are standalone pages with the sole purpose of driving conversions. Most businesses will prefer it over sending traffic to their website. However, most landing pages are not free and require an upkeep cost to keep them running. If the client finds that sending traffic to a landing page is way more effective than a website, they should have no issues with the small cost.

What Is The Difference Between A Dedicated Landing Page Compared To My Website?2021-04-14T21:47:09+08:00

A dedicated landing page is a page specifically designed, optimized and tested to bring in maximum conversions. Be it a form submission, inquiry, or booking. They also tend to perform better. In most cases, it is shown to convert 300-400% more compared to sending traffic to your main website. These standalone pages are designed for marketing campaigns. They are like the “Ferraris” compared to a website, this is because they load insanely fast on all devices, they are short, focused and push the user to take action.

Most businesses will benefit from driving their PPC ads to dedicated landing pages. The only drawback is that the customers will not get the “full-site” experience, as only the most important information is included on the landing page. E-commerce websites will not be suitable for landing pages and will be better served by sending users to their website to purchase.

What Type Of Display Ads Are Available?2021-04-14T21:40:47+08:00

Display Ads are comes in many different forms and sizes. Most of the display ads we design will be responsive by default. So that Google can resize it and serve seamlessly within any piece of content, video or app on the internet. There are also animated ads that can attract more attention from users. The next thing is mobile optimized ads, also known as AMPHTML ads. These ads are faster, lighter, and more secure. AMPHTML ads are a more efficient and secure way to advertise on the web.

How Am I Charged For Display Ads?2021-04-14T17:04:07+08:00

Display Ads are charged by per click basis. Meaning that you only pay when a customer clicks on it and lands on your website. If your Display ad gets shown 1000 times but only clicked 10 times, then you only get charged for the 10 clicks. This ensures that you are only paying for users who shown initial interest with your business.

I Heard The Display Network Generates Alot of Spammy Clicks, Is That True?2021-04-14T17:04:07+08:00

It is common for clients who are worried that their ads may get served on fraudulent websites and spammed click by bots. This is highly unlikely nowadays. As Google machine learning algorithms get better, the ads are optimized for conversion performance. The algorithm increasingly understands that it needs to get maximum conversions for your business and will avoid placements with no conversions. That includes fraudulent and shady websites that generate no results. After all, clients are using Google Ads for one purpose only; to drive results.

On top of the automatic enhancements by Google, we also do manual review of the placements of your ads to actively exclude any websites that have not brought conversions for a long time. We will advise clients who are really concerned about bots to get click fraud protection software to protect their PPC spend.

Is My Business Fit For Google Ads?2021-04-13T21:43:49+08:00

If you need quick conversion rates, a powerful Google Ads search campaign can start driving traffic to your website and improve your sales within 24 hours. As long as you have the budget to pay, Google Ads should be an effective strategy for you. If you do not have enough budget but want to occupy a good amount of space on search, you can consider an SEO campaign to drive organic traffic to your website. SEO is a strategy that delivers results over an indefinite period of time, unlike paid search which stops once you end your PPC campaign.

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?2021-04-13T21:44:02+08:00

Small to medium-sized enterprises spend between $9000 to $10,000 per month for Google Ads, while large retailers can put in up to $50 million on paid search as long as they deliver results. You can control your costs through a range of tactics such as device targeting and ad scheduling. It is better to work with a paid search specialist who can advise on the proper use of budget so that you do not overspend.

How Does Google Ads Work For My Business?2021-04-13T21:23:28+08:00

Google Adwords, or Google Ads, in short, is a Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform on which you can bid to advertise on certain search queries keyed in by your target audience. You pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement to go to your website.

What are the cost of your services?2021-07-31T17:56:03+08:00

There is a fixed cost during the initial account set-up phase. After it is completed, the monthly fee is a percentage of your ad spend. Unlike most agencies, we do not charge any fixed fees on top of your percentage here. There may be additional charges for landing page designs and call tracking software for your ads.

What kind of payments do you accept?2021-07-31T17:57:47+08:00

We accept all credit, debit cards, and bank transfer payments. All advertising budgets are paid out to Google. We charge a small percentage of your total budget for our services.

What is advertising?2020-11-16T18:16:05+08:00

We define it as salesmanship.

How does advertising help generate brand awareness for my business?2021-09-28T23:32:21+08:00

It helps you generate brand awareness by creating a unique perception of your product in the consumers’ minds, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme over time.

What is Branding?2020-09-29T03:12:19+08:00

It means having your company stand for something in the minds of the customer. Most businesses fail to accomplish it.

What is CTA?2020-03-13T22:18:08+08:00

CTA means Call-To-Action. It is basically a button telling a user what to do, usually the action is something valuable to the business invovled. Example like “Call Us”,”Sign Up Today”,”Get In Touch”.

What is Landing Page?2020-03-13T22:18:08+08:00

A landing page is a technical term used to describe the first page a user lands on after clicking an ad or marketing CTA (call-to-action).

What is Samurai PPC?2021-04-30T22:04:52+08:00

Samurai PPC is specialized in Pay-Per-Click and Paid Media. We run PPC campaigns like a Samurai. Only lethal and efficient accounts make the grade here.

What is Paid Search?2020-03-13T22:18:08+08:00

Paid search is just another term for advertising on search engines. Basically you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. If your ad shows up 50 times and receives 3 clicks, then you are billed for the clicks only.

What is SEO?2020-03-13T22:18:08+08:00

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means optimizing your website to appear higher on the organic search result pages (the one below the ads).

What is SEM?2021-04-30T22:05:25+08:00

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It means advertising your business on the big search engines like Google and Bing. It can be in a form of text, image or video. It is prioritized and usually appears on top of organic links (or SEO).

So let’s say I have started on your services, what is the first thing I will see?2021-04-30T21:53:25+08:00

First, after we discuss and understand your business goals, we will proceed with the account set-up. During the first week, we will be mainly focusing on building up a comprehensive advertising structure for your business. Account set-up is extremely important because it is the foundation of what you will be working on for years to come. Think of it like a tall building. We want the foundation right, or the building will collapse mid-way.

What can I expect to get?2021-04-30T21:54:19+08:00

At Samurai PPC, we are the ultimate specialist in pay-per-click and paid media advertising. First, you will get a world-class advertising account, the one that fortune-500 uses and relies upon. We will set up everything for you. From a proper campaign structure, ad groupings, keywords, ad copy, ad extensions, landing pages, bidding, conversion tracking, to only name a few. You will always get more than you paid for.

Can I do search advertising myself?2021-04-30T21:55:19+08:00

Sure you can. But as a business owner, there are many things you find more important, like the daily operations of your business over managing your own advertising! Because SEM takes a lot of time and effort to learn, it is better to work with SEM specialists to get your results. You can also hire an in-house marketer. But that person must know how to run effective SEM campaigns and be diversified in various skillsets under SEM. It is definitely cheaper to hire an outside advertising specialist or an agency, compared to an in-house marketer. 🙂

How much do you charge for your services?2021-07-31T18:03:24+08:00

We charge a fixed percentage of your ad spend. The actual amount will be disclosed during discussions. Rest assured — we use the best, industry-grade software to optimize your ad account. The price is affordable for most small to medium businesses.

Can I guarantee results for my business?2021-04-30T21:58:19+08:00

Search advertising is known for being quick in delivering results compared to SEO (search engine optimization). Results can be as fast as 1 day upon going live. It depends on how well built and optimized is your advertising account. We guarantee you will get the most relevant users looking for your business. Luckily at Samurai PPC, we are committed to giving every client a world-class PPC advertising account of their own!

How can my business benefit from search advertising?2020-09-16T23:34:25+08:00

By showing your business on the biggest search platform in the world, you gain access to thousands (and millions) of users who may be looking for you. You also enjoy increased brand awareness and exposure. Imagine more sales, conversions, form sign-ups, phone calls coming to you on a daily basis!

How do I begin search advertising?2021-07-31T18:08:17+08:00

Simple. Contact us and we will schedule a discussion with you. After understanding your business, we will then lay out a comprehensive strategy for your business. The beginning will be the toughest part because that is where your Google Ads account will be created and structured (if you haven’t had one). If you already have an existing Google Ads account, then it may be either only slight tweaks or an overhaul of the structure to fit the new strategy we have for you.

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